26 Apr 2012

How to Create a Windows 7 Backup Image

You can create a Windows 7 backup image file which copies all the data,installed software and settings all stored in one backup image, which can be restored in case of a Windows damage or failure. This feature is in-built in Windows 7 and known as Windows backup and restore.
When restoring a backup image, the image overwrites your entire system and restores it to the point when the backup image was created. In Windows 7 you can create a system image from the Backup menu. Follow the given steps to create a windows 7 backup image.

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Step1: From start menu, go to the control panel and choose system and security.

Step2: Click on Backup and Restore option from the "System and Security" window. This opens up the Windows 7 "Backup and Restore" center.

Step3: Click on Create system image in the menu on the left side of the window.

Step4: Choose where you would like the backup to be saved. This must be on a separate drive or DVD. Windows 7 will not allow you to save a system image to your primary hard drive. Then Click "Next."

Step5: Click on Start backup option to save the system image. Windows 7 will give you the option to create a system repair disk along with the system image. Click "Close" after the backup image is completed.

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