15 May 2012

How to turn off the Warnings for Internet Explorer on Windows 7

turn off warnings for internet explorer on windows 7
Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser received much negative criticism with the release of Internet Explorer version 6, included with Windows XP in 2001. The criticisms were mostly about security issues and how IE 6 left many security holes opens with the default configuration. In an effort to increase Web browsing security, Microsoft has released new versions of Internet Explorer with more default security configurations that warn you about potentially harmful content on the Internet. You can turn off these warnings in Internet Explorer with Windows 7.Follow the given steps to turn off the warnings for internet explorer on windows 7.

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Step1: From start button, click on all programs.

Step2: Click on internet explorer and then press the alt key to reveal the menu bar.

Step3: Click on the tool menu and select internet option then security tab and click custom level.

Step4: Click "Enable" next to "Allow Previously Unused ActiveX Controls to Run without Prompt." And click "Enable" next to "Download Signed ActiveX Controls."

Step5: Click "Disable" next to "Only Allow Approved Domains to Use ActiveX without Prompt."

Step6: Click "Enable" next to "Don't Prompt for Client Certificate Selection When Only One Certificate Exists."

Step7: Click "Enable" next to "Launching Applications and Unsafe Files."

Step8: Click "Enable" next to "Launching Programs and Files in an IFRAME."

Step9: Click "Enable" next to "Allow Programmatic Clipboard Access." 

Step10: Click the "OK" button to save and apply the settings.

Step11: Click on the "Advanced" tab. And uncheck "Notify When Downloads Complete."

Step12: Uncheck "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages”.
            Uncheck "Warn About Certificate Address Mismatch."
            Uncheck "Warn if POST Submittal Is Redirected to a Zone That Does Not Permit Posts."

Step13: Click "OK" to save the settings, and restart Internet Explorer for the settings to take effect.

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