9 Apr 2012

How to Run Windows Update in Windows 7

Windows update is provided by Microsoft for update of Microsoft windows operating system and  its installed components including internet explorer. Microsoft periodically releases updates and security fixes. Using these update safe your windows computer from virus, spyware and malware etc. With Windows Update, you have the ability to download updates and choose when to install, automatically have updates applied, check for updates only or never check for updates.Follow the given steps to run the windows update in windows 7.
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Step1: From start menu of your computer, click on all program and go to windows update. Windows Update appears in the list for you to choose.

run windows update in windows 7
Step2: Click "Check for updates;" it is located on the left hand-side of the open window. Windows 7 begins checking for updates. They are categorized as important and optional.

Step3: Click the "Important Update" link and choose all that apply. Then click ok.

Step4: Click the "Optional Update" link and choose all that apply then click ok.

Step5: Click "Install updates." Windows 7 downloads your updates and installs them. A reboot of your computer is required once the update process is complete.

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