24 Apr 2012

How to Delete Protected Partitions in Windows 7

You can delete any partition on your computer hard drive, even if it is a protected partition; this facility is available in windows 7 disk management utility. Protected partitions are set up by computer manufacturers to create a restore section of the hard drive in case your computer crashes and you need to restore from the installed partition files. You can delete this partition to free up hard drive space but you will lose the facility to access the backup files.
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Step1: From start menu, go to the control panel. From control panel list, click on system and security.

Step2: Click on Administrative Tools then double click on the computer management .A utility window open

Step3: Click on the disk management which is under the storage section on the left. Click on your hard drive partitions in the center details pane.

Step4: Right click the hidden partition and select "Delete Partition."

Step5: Click yes to that you want to remove the partition. The deleted partition is now labeled black, which means it is added to your available space.

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