12 Apr 2012

How to Troubleshoot a Windows 7 NSIS Error

NSIS error in windows 7
A NSIS (nullsoft scriptable install system) error in Microsoft windows 7 indicates a problem with the software installation CD, DVD or other media. It is one type of system file error like- a partial installation setup, an unfinished uninstall, bad deletion of programs or components. It could also be brought about in the event your computer system is infected by a computer virus or through a poor shut down of the system. To complete the software installation follows the given steps to solve this error.

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Step1: Check the software CD, DVD, or other media for any physical damage such as scratches, dirt or cracks. If the disk is dirty or contains scratches, then clean it .If it is cracked or damaged, purchase of a new CD, DVD or other media is required.

Step2: Confirm your CD drive is working properly .You can check by inserting another CD and running the program. If it is working properly, try once more to install the desired software.

Step3: Insert software CD/DVD and open the folder until you see the file with the ".exe" extension.

Step4: Select run from start menu in the lower left of the screen.

Step5: Type cmd in the run box to open a command prompt window. A blank window will appear with c: in the left corner.

Step6: Click and drag the file with the ".exe" extension to the blank "CMD" window.

Step7: Drop or release the left mouse button once the ".exe" file is inside of the blank "CMD" window. The path of the ".exe" file will display after the "C:\" prompt.

Step8: Press the space bar once, type /NCRC, and press the enter key. The software will begin to install, bypassing the NSIS error.

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