13 Aug 2012

How to Set Up your Home Wireless Network with Windows Vista and XP

A home network allows you to share pictures, applications as well as a single Internet connection with other computers and devices in your home. Often this is the fastest method in copying files from one PC to another or a device. The given steps will help you set up home network in windows Vista and XP.

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Home network with Windows Vista:
How to Set Up your Home Wireless Network with  Windows Vista and XP

Step1: From the Start button, go to the Control Panel.

Step2: From Control Panel-> click Network and Sharing Center-> on the left side options, click "Set up a Connection or Network”.

Step3: Select “Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc”-> Click Next

Step4: Click "Next" again on the new window-> Insert a Computer Name which you want -> Choose the security type "WPA" for wireless network.

Step5: Then enter a "Passphrase" or password and follow the onscreen instruction.

Step6: From “Network" options, you can share files with other computers using computer name and Passphrase.

Home network with Windows XP

Step1: From Start button->Control Panel-> select "Network and Internet Connections.

Step2: Click "Network Setup Wizard->click Next. Review the network setup checklist if necessary. Click "Next" again.

Step3: If Windows XP detects disconnected hardware, and you're sure your equipment is properly installed, you may select "Ignore disconnected network hardware." In the next window, select the option marked, "This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer". Click "Next".

Step4: Select your Internet connection from the list under "Connections." Click "Next" again, and then type a description and name for your computer, if you like. Click "Next," and choose your workgroup name. And follow the onscreen instructions.

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