17 Aug 2012

How to Fix Registry Errors in Windows 7

The Windows registry is the main storage location for all your operating system configurations and preferences. Some errors that occur in the Windows registry can affect your computer's performance(see:How to Resolve Windows 7 BOOTMGR Missing Error). It can cause your system to be unpredictable, unstable, and in some case, even unbootable. To fix registry errors, follow the given steps.

To remove virus from system registry ,you can follow this blog-How to remove virus from the registry

Using system restore:


Step1: From Start button ->"System Restore" to open a list of Control Panel utilities

Step2: double-click on "System Restore"-> Click the option "Choose a different restore point”.

Step3: Select a previous date to roll back the registry changes. Choose a date when your computer run efficiently. Click "Next".

Step4: Click "Finish". Restart your computer system.


Using CCleaner:


How to Fix Registry Errors in Windows 7
Errors can be fixed through Ccleaner, a free registry cleaner tool in Windows 7. Follow the given steps to fix registry errors.

Step1: Download CCleaner and click the installation link. Follow the onscreen instructions to install it on your computer.

Step2: Click the "Registry" button on the left side. Click the "Scan for Issues" button at the bottom of the window, and CCleaner will scan your registry for errors. This process will take some time. After completing the scan, the error will be listed in the window.

Step3: After you scan for issues, you can take a backup of registry and then click the Fix Selected Issues button.

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