19 Jul 2012

How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7

How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7Blue screen error is basically related to hardware or driver issues in Windows 7. This error blocks users from logging onto their Windows operating system. Windows 7 can shut down or restart unexpectedly. However, users can fix this the Blue screen error using proper troubleshooting. Follow the given steps to fix the Blue Screen error.


Start Windows in Safe Mode:


Step1: Turn on your computer and press the F8 key repeatedly from your keyboard. You must press F8 before the Windows logo appears. It will display the Advanced Boot Options screen.

Step2: From Advanced Boot Options screen, choose Safe Mode option then press Enter.

Step3:  If Windows loads and works fine in Safe Mode, a bad driver is probably causing the error. Uninstall device drivers and reinstall them. If Windows experiences issues in Safe Mode also, repair your hardware.


Startup repair:


Step1: Shut down your computer and then restart it in Safe Mode (see step1).

Step2: From Advanced Boot Options screen, select "Repair Your Computer" and hit Enter. Choose your preferred keyboard layout and then click "Next."

Step1: Click “Startup Repair", and follow the on-screen instruction .Startup repair can solve this problem.  

System Repair:

Step1: Follow step1 and step2 from Startup repair section.

Step3: Now select system restore from the System Recovery Options menu. And follow the on-screen instruction to select a restore point.

Notes:If your system is still display the error,then you should check antivirus,run windows update and clean windows 7 registry .

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