6 Mar 2012

How to Switch Keyboard Languages in Windows 7

Windows 7 come pre installed with support for viewing a wide variety of languages, so adding an input language is fairly simply.  From the system input setting, for example, you will able to change regional settings for your keyboard and provides access to over 50 language inputs. Changing the keyboard language (input language) allows you type texts in other language with the keyboard. Here are steps which will help you to switch your keyboard languages in windows 7.
If you want to know more about keyboard language and how to add language then,you can  follow this article which will help you to add keyboard language.How to Add Keyboard Languages to Windows 7.

keyboard language setup
Step1: From Start menu, go to Control Panel, and double click on the Clock, Language, and Region icon.

Step2: In the region and language dialog-box, switch to Keyboards and Languages tab. Under Keyboards and other input languages, click Change keyboards button to open Text Services and Input Languages dialog-box.

Step3: Here, under Installed services, click Add button to see list of languages available to choose from.

Step4: Select your language, expand the tree (click + button to expand) and check the box. Click Ok button to revert to Text Services ad Input Languages button.

Step5: Under Default input language, select the installed input language in the drop down list and click Apply button and then click OK to exit

Step6: You are done! Open Notepad or any other text editor to start typing in your language.After completing the all above steps ,if  you want create shortcut key in windows 7 then follow this blog.How to Set Shortcut Keys in Windows 7. which i have discussed in same blog.

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