23 Mar 2012

How to Remove Windows 7 Boot Manager

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The Windows boot manager, also known as the boot loader, it tells your computer how and which operating systems to load. In some cases, the boot manager may list a Windows 7 option if you've ever installed or configured a trial, beta or secondary version of Windows 7 on your default XP, Windows 7 or Vista computer. In others, a technical glitch could cause the boot manager's selection menu to load even though you may have already un-installed the secondary operating system. In either case, you can remove the secondary Windows 7 boot option and/or selection menu whether you're running a default Windows XP, Vista or 7 systems.
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Remove Windows 7 Boot Option (Windows XP)

Step1: From start menu, go to my computer and right click on my computer and click on “Properties" to open the System Properties dialog box.

Step2: Select the "Advanced" tab in the System Properties box. Click "Settings" under the Startup and Recovery section.

Step3: Click "Edit" in the "System startup" section of the Startup and Recovery box to open the "Boot.ini" file.

Step4: Delete the following line from the "Boot.ini" file:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows 7"
Click "Save" from the File menu. Close the "Boot.ini" file.

Step5: Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Remove Windows 7 Boot Option (Windows Vista and 7)

Step1: Click the "Start" or Windows logo button and type in "msconfig" in the "Search programs" box. Click on "msconfig" in the search results list to open the System Configuration utility.

Step2: Click the "Boot" tab in the System Configuration box. Click the non-default Windows 7 operating system reference from the Boot list to highlight it. Click "OK." Click "Yes" in the confirmation pop-up box.

Step3: Click "Restart" in the System Configuration pop-up box to restart your computer immediately so that changes can take effect.

Disable Boot Selection Menu (Windows Vista and 7)

Step1: Click the "Start" menu button and type in "cmd" in the "Search programs" box. Right-click the "cmd" listing from the search results and choose "Run as Administrator" to open the black Command Prompt box.

Step2: Type the following line into the Command Prompt box:
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu no
Press Enter. Entering this command line tells the system's Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store that you do not want the operating system selection menu to be displayed when booting and loading the operating system. The command can be used in instances when the boot selection menu displays even though only one operating system option exists.

Step3: Restart your computer to allow system changes to take effect.
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