14 Mar 2012

How to Set Shortcut Keys in Windows 7

In windows 7 is the ability to create shortcut keys which is used frequently . These features can help you to open the program by pressing select keys on your keyboard instead of using mouse. Before you can use a keyboard shortcut, however, you'll need to make a shortcut for the program.
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Create Shortcut
To create the shortcut, follow the given steps:

Step1: Press the "Windows" key and "E" on your keyboard to open Windows Explorer.

Step2: Navigate to the folder in which the program for which you want to create a shortcut resides.

Step3: Right-click the folder and click "Create shortcut." A shortcut version of the file/folder will be saved in the same location as the original.

Step4: Drag the shortcut to the Desktop or wherever you want it.

Create Keyboard Shortcut
After creating the shortcut, you need to create the keyboard shortcut and follow the given steps :

Step1: Right-click on the shortcut you just created and click "Properties."

Step2: From the properties, click to select the "Shortcut" tab.

Step3: Click inside the Shortcut Key box and push the key combination on your keyboard that you want to use to open this program. "Ctrl" and "Alt" should be part of this combination. For example, you could try "Ctrl + Alt + L" to open the program.

Step4: Click "OK" to finalize the shortcut using keyboard keys.

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