6 Jun 2012

How to setup a Home network in Windows 7

Home network is a simple and useful way of sharing an Internet connection between multiple devices in your home. To setup home network, you will need a router and a network adapter for each computer. If you want to connect to the Internet, you'll need to have an account set up with an Internet service provider (ISP). ISP will help you to make windows 7 setup with your home network.  Follow the given steps to set up home network in windows 7:

Step1: First, select a wireless router. If your router is compatible with Windows 7, you can set it up automatically using the latest version of Windows Connect Now (WCN) on Windows 7.

Step2: Set up the router and plug it into a power source. Once connected, Windows 7 will automatically search for the drivers and install them. With WCN, you simply need to click the Network and Sharing Center icon in your system tray and connect with your default network and follow the instructions on your screen.

Step3: After setting the router, create your home group to start sharing files and printers. Go to Control Panel and select the home group. When the initial Homegroup window appears, you’ll be informed that there is currently no Homegroup on the network.

Step4: Click the Create a Homegroup button. When the first screen in the Create a Homegroup wizard appears, you’ll be prompted to choose what libraries, or types of files, you want to share on the Homegroup.

Step5: Once you choose what it is you want to share, Windows 7 will create the Homegroup and you’ll then see the Homegroup password. This is the password that other Windows 7 systems will need in order to join and access the Homegroup.

Step6: After completing all the steps, click the Finish button .When a Homegroup is established on your network, other Windows 7 systems can join the Homegroup using the same password.

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