26 Jun 2012

How to Activate Windows 7 on your Computer

Windows activation is necessary to ensure that the installed operating system is a genuine copy of Microsoft windows. When Windows is activated, you can use features like Windows Update(see:Why Should You Update Your Windows Regularly?) and other information on windows 7.To activate windows 7 on your computer, follow the given steps:
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How to Activate Windows 7 on your ComputerStep1: From the Start button in your windows 7, go to the Computer.

Step2: Right-click Computer and click Properties to view the current properties of your computer system. Click on Activate Windows now.

Step3: Click “Activate Windows Online Now” to begin the activation procedure.  Your computer will connect to the Internet and confirm the product key you input when you installed or set up your operating system.

Step4: After completing the all above steps, click “close” to close the activation screen .If the activation is successful, Windows 7 displays a success message and a “Genuine Microsoft Software” badge. 

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